Newborn Baby Photography

Your newborn baby photography

A newborn baby's first few days of life are like no other. Professional photographs of your tiny, delicate newborn, still curled up, pink and sleepy, can help you recall these magical moments in years to come.

I’ll take the photos in the comfort of your own home, so there will be minimum disruption to your baby’s feeding, sleeping and cuddling needs.  You can rest assured that the wellbeing and safety of your baby is paramount. My approach is entirely baby-orientated, so whether your child is fast asleep or bright-eyed and wide awake, we’ll let him or her lead the way.

When to book your photoshoot

Ideally, newborn photo sessions take place when your baby is around 2 weeks old, so it’s best to contact me before your baby is born and preferably just after your 20-week scan.  Once you are booked in I can, of course, work around early or late arrivals (babies rarely arrive when they're supposed to!)

newborn photo session (ideally when baby is less than two weeks old but can be up to 4 or 5 weeks old) is priced at £150 and will happen midweek. The session fee, payable at booking to secure your estimated due date and flexibility around this in case your baby is early or late, includes

  • a guide detailing what to expect at your session
  • a telephone consultation before the session
  • the photo session itself, which can take place wherever you like to spend time together as a family and usually takes around 2 hours, depending on our location
  • my time in selecting the very best images from your session and digitally processing each image to perfection.  Clients are typically presented with around 30 images to choose from.
  • personalised ordering and design appointment including a small online preview prior to your appointment.

Many of my clients book regular photoshoots to record the many developmental and physical changes that occur during their child’s early years and often choose to showcase this in products such as albums and multi frames. Click here to see my portfolio of older babies and here to see more images of families all together.