I supply beautiful, archival-quality products to show off your favourite images and which have been sourced for their durability and longevity as well as their gorgeousness. I specialise in wall art and albums which become heirlooms for your growing family.

At your viewing, you will be able to choose your favourite images and decide how you would like them to be presented.  Many clients choose an album of their top images, and then a few extra special images are designed as pieces of art for the wall.  Each piece is carefully designed to suit you and your surroundings perfectly. My clients' favourite products tend to be my albums and keepsake print boxes alongside multiframes and single-image frames for their walls.

Albums and Print Boxes

Albums | from £500

These have become one of the most popular ways for my clients to display their favourite images from their photo session with me. I have chosen an album which is completely beautiful but is also rugged and hardwearing enough for the children to look at it without fear of torn pages or sticky fingerprints.

These image folios are stunning.  They combine the beauty and quality of an album with the convenience of mounted prints, in a bespoke designed keepsake box.

Wall Art

Single image, framed prints | from £180

Images are printed on archival photo paper, mounted and framed in a custom made frame.  There is a wide selection of styles and frame moulding to choose from to suit your home and personal style.

Multiframes | from £325

These are far and away my most popular product.  They range from a simple three-image multiframe right up to a nine-image creation, all designed to suit your chosen images and home décor perfectly.

Box frames | from £230

Box frames are a great way to display your images. They are light in weight and therefore perfect for creating a gallery centrepiece of several images if you have the wall space or work equally well as large single images.

Digital Images | from £600 for a collection

If you would like the freedom to make your own gift prints you can purchase processed, print-ready, high-resolution digital files on a branded USB flash drive, alongside another purchase.

NB: The complete set of processed, print-ready digital files is included in all orders over £3000.  So you could choose a beautiful album and some framed prints for your wall and have the peace of mind of having all files from your viewing to produce gift prints from and to archive for your family.

For a detailed price guide please get in touch.